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15 Week Triathlon Strength Program: “Phase I, Phase II & Phase III – Your Roadmap to Strength, Stability & Power” by Ben Greenfield

This 15 week program was designed to be a perfect complement to the force production and injury prevention requirements of a triathlete. Rather than relying on traditional weight training exercises designed for “brute strength”, or utilizing impractical and non-athletic gym “exercise machines”, this program instead focuses on the optimum combination of stability, power and balance.

With complete and clear video instructions for each exercise, you’ll be able to take the same type of exercises and programs that the pros are performing, and put them to practice in your own program. You don’t have to be experienced or advanced – just ready to become stronger, fitter and faster!

Ben Greenfield, the 2008 Personal Trainer of the Year and nationally recognized triathlon strength-training expert, personally designed this protocol to work the exact biomechanical body systems that you require for triathlon success.

How Do I Begin the Plan?

This plan is prescribed through the TrainingPeaks online triathlon training software, the most cutting-edge program available for endurance athletes. To begin today, simply click here, and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, e-mail Ben Greenfield.

What level is this program designed for?

Any individual who is able to swim, bike and run can complete this program. If you are currently injured, it is recommended that you work with a medical professional or personal trainer to make any necessary modifications to accommodate any existing limitations.

During which part of the year should I do this program?

It is highly recommended that this program be used as either A) an off-season plan (i.e. Sep-Dec) designed to optimize your body to begin base training in the race season or B) as a complement to base training (i.e. Jan-Apr).

What happens over the course of 15 weeks?

The program is designed to allow you to perfectly transition into an ideal combination of three day-per-week swimming, cycling, and running force production and injury prevention. You will begin with 4 weeks of “Phase I” stability based exercises, then move into 1 week of core and recovery. Next, you’ll have 4 weeks of “Phase II” strength based exercises and another week of core and recovery. Finally, you will finish with 4 weeks of “Phase III” power based exercises and a final week of core and recovery.

What is the cost of the program?

The entire 15 weeks are just $59.99, and include detailed daily workout instructions and videos for each exercise, performed by Ben Greenfield.

What happens at the end of 15 weeks?

While you can complete this plan over and over again throughout the entire year, it would be highly recommended to use it primarily in the off-season and base training season (i.e. Sep-Apr), then progress into fitness and muscle maintenance during the race season, preferably using a resource such as Ben Greenfield’s “Top 12 Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes”, which are designed to be quick and effective full body muscle workouts to complement a regular swimming, cycling and running program.

How long are the workouts?

Phase I workouts will last 30-40 minutes, while Phase II and III will be 40-60 minutes. Your core and recovery week workouts will last 20-30 minutes.

How many sets and reps do I perform?

Each workout includes clearly indicated sets and reps. You will generally be lifting a higher rep range during Phase I (mostly 12-15 reps) and gradually move towards 8-10 reps by Phase III. Phase I begins with 3 sets of most exercises, and you eventually progress to 4-5 sets by the end of Phase III.

How are the workouts designed?

With the lifestyle of a busy triathlete in mind, you will spend very little time “sitting around” the gym. While one muscle group is recovering, the other will be working. All workouts are either A) supersets (back-to-back sets) or B) circuits (sequential series of exercises).

How do I know the proper exercise form?

Each workout includes complete access to the Pacific Elite Fitness private video library of exercises, performed by head coach Ben Greenfield

How do I know proper weights and resistance levels?

You will follow the “Rule of 3” for all resistance intensities. This rule clearly states that if you cannot lift within 3 reps of a recommended rep range, you must decrease the weight by 10-15%. If you can perform 3 or more reps above the recommended rep range, you must increase weight by 10-15%.

Which days do I train?

Although the program is flexible and can be re-arranged without disrupting the program, the plan is written for Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts. Again, these can be re-arranged, but it is highly recommended to allow for at least 48 hours between each resistance training session.

What type of exercises will I be performing?

Each exercise is designed to promote athleticism, injury prevention, and total body muscular coordination. You will be performing many “multi-joint” movements, such as Lateral Lunge to Curl, Reverse Medicine Ball Swing, Running Man Row. These exercises include clear video instructions, and are not simply for “advanced” exercisers. They can be performed by individuals of all levels.

What equipment do I need?

There are no fancy machines  or technical equipment required for this program.  You will need A) Dumbbells and/or medicine balls; B) Stability ball C) Cables or elastic bands and D) Bosu ball, balance disc, or other balance device (optional).

What if I get injured, or miss a week?

It is highly recommended that you substitute a core and recovery week if you experience knee or shoulder problems during the program. Hip and low back problems can further limit resistance training, and several days of rest are recommended for these type of injuries. Most importantly, see a medical professional for complete diagnosis and advice. If you simply miss a week of training, you may need to decrease weights by 10-15% to avoid overtraining or injury.

Does this program include coach support?

At any time while completing the program, you may e-mail basic program-related questions to our coaching staff at A question such as “Can I substitute a push-up for a stability ball push-up?” would be acceptable, while a question such as “What are 6 different substitutions for a Squat Curl to Overhead Press?” would be outside the scope of the support included with your program and you would be encouraged to sign-up for personal coaching.